"A happy marriage is a new beginning of life, a new starting-point for happiness and usefulness."
--A.P. Stanley


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Dear Bernie,

We traveled from Israel to our son’s wedding, not knowing what to expect: not a Jewish wedding, not a church wedding, Hawaiian shirts, a horse center, it just didn’t fit any type of wedding that we had ever experienced.
But from the moment Linda mustered the troops and we prepared to march with the wedding party, we felt that this would be something magical. And it was. With a sure, light touch you guided Max and Angie through the important moments of their life together. Like a loving puppeteer, you swung the mood between serious and humorous. Until this day, whenever I remember the vow’s summation, “You are the love of my life”, the tears flow. The Hebrew prayer over the wine, and the breaking of the glass, both unexpected, warmed our hearts.
You deserve the highest praise for a job well done. Max and Angie were so happy with the way you handled everything and, as we told our friends at home, it was the best wedding we had ever attended. We end with a wish to you and Linda for a Happy New Year with good health and success in all your endeavors.
Joyce and Roy A.




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