"Our wedding was many years ago; the celebration continues to this day"
- Gene Perret


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Renewing your marriage vows in a special ceremony is a re-affirmation of the pledges and commitments you have made to one another years ago. It is a meaningful, touching, and re-vitalizing ceremony.
It may reflect on where you have been and where you are heading. As a happily married couple, you may want to express the magnitude of your enduring love in the presence of your children, grandchildren, hopefully great- grandchildren, family and friends.
Renewing your vows is usually performed during an anniversary celebration. You may wish to walk down the isle to “your song”, or even to the same music you walked down the isle on your wedding day. You may choose to dance to your favorite music piece.

Your vow re-newel ceremony can be as creative and personal as you choose. It can be formal or informal; it can have humor or seriousness. 
Anyway you decide, I will officiate over the prayers, blessings and wishes for many more healthy and happy years together.

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